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Acerca De


Coming form an engineer background, Carolina moves on to pursue her passion as a jeweler during her 6 year stay in Asia. She learns at local and foreign jeweler´s workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Colombo, Sri Lanka, after which she joins the Colombo School of Design following the Jewelry Design diploma.

Back in Chile and once in Santiago, Carolina attends the WE WALKA contemporary jewelry school as a 2-year program where she wins the “Best Metal Project” recognition with her collection Imaginary Garden.

CARO SILVA AL-48 baja (1).jpg

Pieces of this collection are currently available at Mercado de Oficios Store in Santiago and at AA Collected Gallery as a temporary jewelry sculpture exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

Carolina currently resides in the picturesque city of Puerto Varas in the south of Chile, where she has her workshop.

Mi proceso


"My inspiration comes from the day to day, from what attentive and curious eyes see daily and at all times; of earthly objects which I live with”.

An admitted admirer of the organic forms of nature, Carolina is also a passionate advocate of Slow jewelry.

Slow jewelry foresees the concept of generating less waste using recycled metals as well as non-industrialized processes.

foto bosquejo magnolia - BN.png

Taking an artisanal approach, each piece of jewelry is handmade, the metal is cut and formed by hand by Carolina. Each piece is different from the other, each earring differs from its partner. As in nature, in its immense perfection there are unique and individual differences.

The wood used in the Collection Imaginary Garden are discarded wood pieces, remains and scraps of birch. Nevertheless, they become a luxury jewelry piece after long hours of craftmanship, care and infinite dedication.

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Sobre mis piezas


With an organic aesthetic inspired by nature, Carolina translates the dualities present in our environment, fragility and strength, in unique one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry pieces.

Carolina uses an eclectic combination of noble materials such as silver, gold and precious and semiprecious stones with mundane common findings such as disregarded wood pieces, corals, seeds and treasures of all sorts that once they come together, they communicate and excel in harmony as one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.

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JOYAS AL-12.jpg
JOYAS AL-63.jpg
JOYAS AL-135.jpg
Colección Jardín Imaginario


Imaginary Garden Collection


“I don´t choose to make flowers, they choose me. They seek me in my dreams, in leisure time, they look at me…they are presumptuous and like to be pretty, to be watched. They are used to it! They call me, playing, audacious, even vain. They are fragile but, Careful!  They hold immeasurable strength…

I listen to them. And without looking for it, without notice, they bloom in my hands, and together we are forever happy in our imaginary garden."

Piezas de esta colección se encuentran actualmente disponibles en:

Mercado de Oficios, Galería Drugstore local 03i nivel -1, Av. Providencia 2124

Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Taller del Orfebre

Puerto Varas, Chile

Colección Jardín Imaginario

“yo no elijo hacer flores, ellas me elijen a mí. Me buscan en sueños, en ratos de ocio, me miran… Son presuntuosas, les gusta ser lindas, ser observadas. ¡Si están habituadas a eso! Me llaman, juguetean, son presumidas, hasta vanidosas. Son frágiles, pero ¡Cuidado! Tienen fuerza infinita…

Yo las escucho. Sin quererlo ni buscarlo, sin aviso, florecen en mis manos, y juntas somos eternamente felices en nuestro jardín imaginario”

Piezas únicas de esta colección fueron seleccionadas para ser expuestas en la exhibición Sculptural Jewelry, por la galería AA Collected, Viena, Austria el año 2019.

Pieces of this collection are currently available in:

Mercado de Oficios Store, Local 03i Drugstore Gallery level -1, Av. Providencia 2124

Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Taller del Orfebre

Puerto Varas, Chile

AA Collected, Skalitzer Strasse 77, 10997

Berlín, Alemania

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